UTXvRNTQ – OLTC transformer reactive voltage regulator

OLTC transformer reactive voltage regulator for two or three winding transformers – UTXvRNTQ is intended for automatic maintaining of reactive power required value (angle tangent between current vector and voltage vector) collaborating with choke equipped with on-load tap changer. UTXvRNTQ additional configurational abilities allow to define power compensation demanded levels for many time zones and calendar periods. The device has also been equipped with signalling and lock systems released while exceeding given boundary values.
The UTXvRNTQ device standard equipment include also distortion recorder module, which allows to capture and analyse analog current and voltage values as well as device binary inputs statuses.

Depending on internal circuits configuration, UTXvRNTQ is available in two versions:

  • UTXvRNTQ2 type – with one measuring circuit for voltage (U1) and current (I1);
  • UTXvRNTQ3 type – with two measuring circuits for voltages (U1 and U2) and two measuring circuits for currents (I1 and I2).

As a standard all the device types have:

  • 8 relays output
  • 14 digital inputs, including 8 HV inputs (90 – 300 [V] AC/DC) and 6 inputs (12 and 24 [V] DC) destinated to work with current catch number decoder.

UTXvRNTQ features

  • multiprocessor measurement and decision-making system
  • information fully digital processing
  • it works with two or three winding transformers
  • it works in automatic and manual mode
  • clock with automatic summer – winter time changes
  • enhanced features of programmable logic functions
  • four main regulation modes:
    • U1 measure mode
    • U2 measure mode
    • average U1 and U2 mode
    • maximum U1 and U2 mode
  • adjustable voltage levels (three daily, one weekend and ten holiday) can be specified
  • whole year-round calendar with free choice of dates and support for public holidays
  • three banks of settings with possibility of active bank automatic selection
  • galvanic separation of all analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • XR and Z type compensation independently adjustable for different measuring circuits
  • adjustable overcurrent protection of motor switch
  • power quality monitoring system
  • tap-changer remote control
  • work processes reporting by using event and distortion recorders
  • local graphic display
  • programmable 16 LED indicator and 8 pole keyboard
  • simultaneous operation with IEC 870-5-103 protocol and CC-Bus
  • switch action and work time counters
  • internal systems permanent supervision
  • three levels of password-protected rights
  • visualization, control and configuration by the SAZ 2000 software
  • overcurrent, over- and undervoltage locking

Optionally (upon request) it is possible to equip the device with additional current measuring circuit (usually exploited as motor switch overcurrent protection) and to increase the quantity of digital inputs and relay outputs.