UTXvRNT series 2 – Transformer Voltage Regulator

UTXvRNT series 2 is a digital step-up/down voltage regulator for transformers with on-load tap changer. It is designed for all systems of high and medium voltage lines working with grounded, isolated or compensated common point.

UTXvRNT series 2 provides fast and reliable adjustment. Additional features include compensation of voltage decreases, independent calendar voltage settings, integrated recorder functions for event, distortion and voltage quality registration to ensure the implementation of even the most sophisticated applications.
In addition the device provides reactive power regulation mode in cooperation with compensatory coil (RNTQ mode).

UTXvRNT series 2 is available in the following versions:

  • UTXvRNT2 series 2 – for two winding section transformers, it is equipped with one pair of analog inputs for U1 and I1 measurements,
  • UTXvRNT3 series 2 – for three winding section transformers, it is equipped with two pairs of analog inputs for U1/U2 and I1/I2 measurements.

As a standard, all the device types are equipped with:

  • 8 output relays,
  • 14 binary inputs (including 8 HV inputs 90 – 300[V]AC/DC and 6 inputs 2 and 24[V]DC) destinated for cooperation with decoder of actual DPZ latch number.

UTXvRNT characteristics:

  • multiprocessor measurement and decision-making system,
  • fully digital information processing,
  • the device works with two or three winding transformers,
  • the device works in automatic and manual mode,
  • enhanced features of programmable logic functions,
  • four regulation modes for RNT mode:
    • – U1 measure mode,
    • – U2 measure mode,
    • – average U1 and U2 mode,
    • – maximum U1 and U2 mode,
  • two regulation modes for RNTQ mode:
    • – based on tg value of circuit 1,
    • – based on reactive power value of circuit 1,
  •  whole year-round calendar with free choice of float voltage level,
  • five banks of settings with possibility of active bank automatic selection,
  • galvanic separation of all analog and digital inputs and outputs,
  • XR and Z type compensation independently adjustable for different measuring circuits,
  • adjustable overcurrent protection of motor switch,
  • power quality monitoring system,
  • tap-changer remote control,
  • running processes reporting by using event and distortion recorders,
  • local graphic display,
  • programmable 16 LED indicator and 11 pole keyboard,
  • measuring values display readout and transmission to superior system,
  • simultaneous operation with IEC 870-5-103 protocol and CC-Bus,
  • deviation, switch action and work time counters,
  • internal systems permanent supervision,
  • three levels of password-protected rights,
  • visualization, control and configuration by the SAZ 2000 software.