Voltage regulators for power transformers

Voltage Regulators for Power Transformers are designed to work in pair: „transformer – on-load tap changer”. The main task of the regulator is to keep the stable voltage value at the selected point of the power transmission line. The most important additional functionality of 3rd series compared to the 2nd series is the implementation of the IEC 61850 protocol.
In addition, significant changes have occurred in the field of control modes.

The RNT series 2 modes are available:
RNT – voltage regulator mode ,
RNT-Q – reactive power regulator mode.
The 3 Series RNT functionality has been significantly expanded to include modes of operation:
RNT-PR – voltage regulator of parallel transformers mode,
RNT-T – voltage regulator with a special algorithm for railway traction mode.

In addition UTX 3rd series has a revised front-panel (display, keyboard) and is equipped with the relay PAX package (package of 4 powerful and quick exits) as a standard.

Voltage regulators for power transformers: