XSERVER Local Station Concentrator

Xserver Local Station Concentrator is a computer compatible with PC family. The device is based on a mainboard with 500MHz processor, equipped with a hard disk drive (HDD), a DVD-ROM drive, an optical pointer (3 LED diodes), communication ports and a feeder (230VAC/DC) supporting configuration protecting from voltage drop occuring during the device operation.

Xserver performs three basic functions:

  • events and interferences readout and archiving,
  • optionally, events and measurements conversion from EAZ devices directly to DNP3.0 protocol,
  • a substation status visualisation presented in a local stand (so called „diagram”).

According to configuration files data, Xserver concentrators examine EAZ devices with regard to interferences, events, measurements and status. Part of these data is presented and visualised in a substation diagram, at the same time converted to DNP3.0 protocol and transmitted to a superior system. The events registers and information on interferences are stored on the device hard disk. At any moment, all the mentioned data files are available for tunnel mode connected computers (via router VPN) or for computers connected directly to local network. In both cases the computers need to be equipped with SAZ 2000 software.

For the individual order there are available the following options:

  • a storage medium Silicon Drive II flash disk 4GB;
  • a feeder without fan – 400W.

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