Central Station Signalling Device

CSS4E is a freely programmable, scalable device equipped with up to 112 individually isolated digital inputs, 16 relay outputs and a LED indicators panel, which indicates the occurrence of binary inputs specific statuses.

Received digital signals can be grouped and individually assigned to optical indicators and relay outputs.

As a standard, CSS4E is able to record, duplicate and translation of the input signals, the mutual conditioning of their logic. The device allows the customer to carry out the functions of the field trivalent logic. It is available in enclosures for cabinet-mount and for wall-mount.

CSS4E is an open system – basic input or output modules can be attached to the main unit depending on customer needs.

The device simultaneously reads and sends signals to master systems by using IEC 60870-5-103 and XMD-CCBUS protocols.

Depending on the implementation version, the following, various signaling field sizes are available:

3U case 6U case
LED field size 40 x 12 [mm] 50 input’s LED 106 input’s LED
8output’s LED 16 output’s LED
LED field size 30 x 22 [mm] 32 input’s LED 64 input’s LED
4 output’s LED 8 output’s LED

The CSS 4E module contains (regardless of the housing type and LED quantity) maximum: up to 112 isolated binary inputs, up to 64 relay outputs and 10 programmable keys pursuing f.e. testing or deleting functions. These keys can be duplicated by any of the binary inputs.