Automatic transfer switching equipment

UTXvSZR is a comprehensive solution for HV and MV feeding Power Transformer/Bay switching. It provides fast and reliable Automatic Load Switching (ALS) due to either the power lack or feeding Bay Circuit Breaker tripping.

Reliable operation of the device is based on precise and quick analog value measurements and precise voltage vectors finding. UTXvSZR is equipped with: 14 Bit A/C converters, serial transmission interfaces (RS 232 – supervising channel and RS 485 – using IEC 870-5-103 standard protocol), with optional optical fibre and/or network communication – TCP/IP.
Applied at MV substation, UTXvSZR is able to operate and monitor 3 or up to 5 CBs.
Installed at HV substation, the device is able to operate and monitor 3 CBs (two CBs of the lines and one of the line coupler). Except the standard ALS modes, UTXvSZR can provide any user with a defined switching scheme, comprising up to 8 voltage groups and 15 CBs.

Standard application examples

Non-standard application examples

UTXvSZR – Functional Overview

  • Multiprocessor – functional measuring and decision-making system equipped with 4 alternative Setting Groups (Banks)
  • Galvanically insulated (analog and digital) input and output signals
  • Eight overvoltage stages (one for each group) with individually programmable logic, voltage level and time delay for each one (8 x U > T)
  • Eight undervoltage stages (one for each group) with individually programmable logic, voltage level and time delay for each one (8 x U < T)
  • User can set independently: name, voltage ratio and its description for each group
  • Up to 8 (user programmable and named) auto-recognized operating modes
  • Up to 50 user programmable, different and independent cycles
  • Up to 10 starting conditions (determining CBs status, voltage stages, Power Transformer tap controllers statuses) for each of 8 operating modes.
  • Up to 10 steps (for each operating mode) enabling: selected CB control, selected CB status control and selected voltage status monitoring
  • For each operational mode, user defined (default and current) operational status naming, programmed cycle time duration, unsuccessful cycle return, ignoring disable status while picking-up and a kind of post-cycle “disable” status (for user selection)
  • Automatic identification of defaulted or pre-programmed operational mode
  • Permanent CBs statuses and operational condition supervision
  • Local/remote Power Transformer tap changer control and enable/disable functions
  • Detailed and precise internal failure and working status local/remote signalization
  • Station signalling functions: BDI, AL, EMT
  • Fully programmable digital inputs for signals arriving from external protection relays
  • LCD screen displaying actual status up to 15 (fully programmable) switches
  • Permanent internal condition supervision
  • Three-level password protection
  • Disturbance and event recording (8 x U + 16 x digital signals)
  • External relay clock synchronization and internal analog signal synchro-sampling
  • Actual analog voltage signal value (U) measurement, front panel visualization and full remote data transfer
  • CB switching and protection relay operating hours counters
  • Switching cycle detailed LCD monitoring for local/remote purposes
  • Graphical (LCD) display; 11- key keypad and 16 LEDs (15 freely programmable)
  • 32 programmable internal logic functions for simple and more sophisticated algorithms
  • Possibility of visualization, control and configuration by SAZ 2000 program
  • Possibility of cooperation with Automatic Over Ethernet (AoE) systems and with Alice`79 system.

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