PA-x package of strong and fast digital outputs

New digital outputs have a number of advantages compared to traditional relays:

  • they combine the best features of modern semiconductor devices and traditional electromechanical relays,
  • they have a high speed and a minimal contact resistance,
  • they have ten times higher rated breaking capacity of switching DC circuits,
  • they allow to disconnect high currents in inductive circuits,
  • they have almost zero emissions of electromagnetic interference,
  • they are designed for use in all types of DC and AC circuits.

Package PA-X is produced in two versions:
PA-x4 / 8 – 4 strong outputs (PA1-PA4) + 4 standard outputs (PA5-PA8)
PA-x8 / 8 – 8 strong outputs (PA1-PA8)

From 2014.09.01 UTX security package is a standard PA-x4 / 8. Optionally, you can install the package PA-x8 / 8.


Package of PA-x4 / 8
rated breaking capacity strong digital outputs switch-on current max. 5.0[A] 250[V] DC
250[V] AC
switch-off current max. 3.0[A]
max. breaking capacity 600[W]
strong contact T ON 0.5[ms]
conventional digital outputs switch-on current max. 6.0[A] 250[V] AC
switch-off current max. 6.0[A] 250[V] AC
conventional contact T ON 8[ms]