Fault Recorder System ARCHI 9000

ARCHI 9000 is a digital fault recorder system for analog and binary signals in power grids. Its unique design makes ARCHI 9000 applicable for monitoring of complete power grids on a national scale, including all subsystems.

The system has a powerful distributed client-server architecture and it is controlled via our unique SAZ 2000 software delivering interfaces to all other substation automation systems. ARCHI 9000 significantly improves the possibilities to analyze faults in power grids on a large scale and helps to avoid instabilities and breakdowns.

A single unit (consisting of two racks with one CPU and 16 LGU units) of the Fault Recorder System has up to 128 analog inputs, 32 frequency measuring inputs and 720 binary inputs. Enormous recording abilities make ARCHI 9000 possible to perform precise signal capturing of both: normal and emergency states.

In a single power object there can be installed unlimited number of ARCHI 9000 systems functioning as one large system interoperating with synchronized clocks and synchronized sampling, delivering industry-leading measurement accuracy and precision of time-synchronization.

Fault Recorder System ARCHI 9000 fundamental parts:

  • ARCHI LGU: digital recording modules with 8 analog and 45 binary inputs
  • ARCHI CPU: processing unit, one unit for 16 recording modules, performing data storage and remote access
  • ARCHI LVU: local data visualisation and analysis stand
  • SAZ 2000: data analysis software

Additionally, the ARCHI 9000 system can be equipped with the CSS 4E module, being in charge of signalling equipment for chosen binary inputs, emergency states, complicated logics realisation and for creating of rails various kinds (type AL, UP and others).

ARCHI 9000 is one of the most sophisticated fault recorder systems for large-scale applications worldwide.